Here's how Dead Island Epidemic works

Describing it as the world's first "ZOMBA," and an evolution on the multiplayer online battle arena format, Deep Silver has shown off a new trailer with a lot of gameplay for Dead Island Epidemic, its MOBA take on the coop zombie brawler, Dead Island.

Replacing the traditional first person perspective with third person, Epidemic gives a pretty different gameplay style to other games in its genre like League of Legends or DotA. It also drops mechanics that are implicit to those games, taking pot shots at them by saying "unlike other titles in the genre, you'll have direct control over your character, none of that last hitting, mouse click to move nonsense here."

There's three gameplay modes/maps: scout, horde and Coop, each offering a different type of experience, though you'll team up with three other players in each. There's also scavenger of course, which the voice over describes as "PvPvPvE", where three teams go head to head, whilst also battling the undead infestation.

There looks to be only a handful of characters available at the moment, but you can kit them out with different perks and gear and each comes with melee and ranged weaponry options. There's also unique abilities and specialities with each character, so they should all play quite different from one another.

Also, sharknados. Check the gallery.

Dead Island Epidemic is currently in beta. You can sign up here to play now.

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