HTC introduces Vive tracker and deluxe audio strap at CES 2017

HTC has been showing off some exciting new hardware at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, including some accessories and add-ons for its popular virtual reality headset, the HTC Vive.

Although there is no sign of the wireless upgrade modules we've seen some third parties produce for the Vive in China over the past couple of months, one neat addition is a deluxe audio strap. Designed to replace the standard headband, this one offers a more easily adjustable head band through a twist knob at the back.

That should make it far easier to tweak the size of the headset if you are switching from person to person during a demo - something that owners regularly still do for friends and family since the technology is still so young.

However perhaps the more interesting part of the new headband, is that it comes complete with built in headphones. They are adjustable and look very much like the audio solution the Oculus Rift comes with at stock.

Along with the new headband is HTC's new Vive tracking puck. Designed to let you make just about anything a controller, or to give you the ability to track where something other than you is during the game - say your dog as it wanders around your VR space.

No pricing information has been announced just yet, but we would expect to hear more about these accessories in the coming weeks.

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