Intel 10700K can hit 5.3GHz too

Intel's upcoming 10th-generation Comet Lake CPUs are only a couple of months away from release, and though they don't do much to reinvent the wheel, they do roll it forward for some steady, albeit incremental, progress. Along with hyperthreading returning as a feature for just about every CPU in the lineup, we're also seeing more cores at the top end, and higher clock speeds throughout the range. The 10700K, will be able to hit 5.3GHz.

An eight core CPU, the 10700K will have a single core boost clock of 5.1GHz out of the box using Intel's Turbo Boos Max 3.0 technology. That will only trigger when the CPU is under certain thermal thresholds though, and it will otherwise turbo up to 5.0GHz. Its all core boost will sit at the more conservate 4.7GHz.

But if you're willing to overclock it, the potential is there for slightly higher frequencies again.

Thanks to a tweet from serial CPU leaker APISAK, we have a wild example of the 10700K managing to hit a boost frequency just shy of 5.3GHz, an impressive feat, considering that's the boost clock of the much more high-end 10900K.

We don't know what kind of power demands were made with such an overclock, but it does at least mean that next-generation gamers can look forward to further increases in performance beyond stock — if they have the cooling for it.

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