Intel 12700H trashes AMD Ryzen 5800H in early testing

Some early benchmarks for Intel's Core i5 -12500H and Core i7-12700H mobile CPUs have leaked out, giving us a glimpse at the enormous performance potential of these two CPUs. In both cases, the new generation Intel Alder Lake processors walk all over AMD's last-generation Ryzen 5800H -- one of its most popular laptop processors.

This doesn't pit it against the higher end HX version, nor does it take into account the big leaps in performance and efficiency coming with Ryzen 6000 series mobile processors, but nonetheless, these are exciting results.

The Weibo leaker showed benchmarks for Cinebench R20, R23, and CPU-Z benchmarks, and in each case the Ryzen 7 5800H came last amongst the Core i9-11980HK, the 12500H, and the 12700H. The 12500H did a great job of beating out the best of Intel's previous generation, as well as stomping all over the 5800H, but the 12700H is leaps and bounds ahead and looks truly next-generation.

The new Intel laptop CPUs will officially launch in February, although we've already started to see designs with the new chips pop up. They'll run the gamut from entry level Cor ei5-12450H CPus with 4 P and 4 E cores, all the way up to the 12900HK with 6 P cores and 8 E cores.

Clock speeds will top out at 5.0GHz on the P cores, and 3.8GHz on the E cores, with the higher-end models having the highest frequencies. THe top out TDP is 45W, though all processors above the 12650H level will demand as much as 115W when pushed to their max.

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