Intel Alder Lake CPUs are coming on November 4th

Intel Alder Lake CPUs are coming on November 4th

Intel's next generation Alder Lake CPUs were always expected towards the end of this year, but the exact launch date has yet to be announced. MSI, however, may have inadvertently leaked it in a release to owners of its Mag Coreliquid R and Coreliquid K series coolers. Although it didn't mention any specific dates in the news itself, it did suggest that anyone wanting the free upgrade kit for Alder Lake compatibility would be able to apply for it on November 4th. That heavily suggests that Alder Lake will debut on that date.

Intel's Alder Lake is an exciting generation of processors. It's Intel's first 10nm CPU architecture -- the first non-14nm architecture in six years -- that combines high performance and more efficient processing cores. The idea is to give huge single threaded performance, alongside expansive multithreaded performance in a smaller package. Heat and power demands may be high, but the leaked numbers look good.

The question on everyone's lips is when can they get their hands on it? November 4 seems like a solid date, with MSI also revealing that pre-orders for its cooler will appear on October 27th, suggesting that that's when Alder Lake pre-orders will also go live. That's right after the Intel Innovation Event planned for that week, so it all makes a lot of sense.

None of this tells us when compatible motherboards will be made available, but it seems highly likely that they will also appear around the same time.

Are you going to upgrade to Alder Lake? Or are you more interested in AMD's planned 3D V-Cache version of its Ryzen 5000 series chips coming in the new year?

Image source: Videocardz