Intel and AMD planning CPU refresh in 2023

Despite AMD and Intel only very recently debuting their Ryzen 7000 and 13th generation CPUs, respectively, they are already planning on a mid-generation refresh next year. These CPUs will see 3D Vcache added to AMD's top Zen 4 CPUs, while Intel is reportedly working on an enhanced process-node version of its Raptor Lake chips, raising clock speeds slightly, as well as the long-rumored 13900KS, which may crest 6GHz for the first time.

AMD and Intel's new Zen 4 and Raptor Lake CPUs are hotly competitive, with the 7900X/7950X duking it out with the 13700K and 13900K, and the more mid-range chips trading blows at different price and power points. That may well continue in 2023, too, with AMD expected to launch new versions of its six and eight core CPUs with 3D VCache for much improved gameplay performance, at a slight cost to productivity. Those CPUs from AMD are expected to debut at CES in January, with a general launch a few months later.

Intel may not be able to compete directly with these CPUs, but it will show off a 13900KS at CES, which is likely to be able to push the envelope in gaming performance at the top end. If you can cool it. Existing 13900K chips are hard enough to prevent from thermal throttling, let alone a version with even higher clock speeds.

Expect refresh Raptor Lake CPUs in the early Q3 of the year, with a slight frequency bump. That may tide things over until Meteor Lake launches before the end of the year, or early 2024.

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