Item Copying Rife in Diablo III

Item Copying Rife in Diablo III

More evidence of identical items appearing on different characters has been racking up over on the official Diablo III forums, suggesting that the blatant copying of items is far more widespread than initially predicted.

In one forum post, as many as six wizards have been discovered with the same offhand item. Considering the randomly generated nature of a weapon's name and statistics, it seems incredibly unlikely that even one set of duplicates could appear, but six? All being used in the same manner by characters of the same class? That seems a bit of a stretch.

While all of the offending character profiles found so far have been wizards, it's unknown if this latest Diablo III issue is linked with the previously patched, invincible wizard bug, that saw the class completely impervious to all harm.

As it stands Blizzard hasn't responded to the thread which has already racked up an impressive number of posts from people understandably annoyed at the exploit. However others are questioning the item duplication claims, suggesting that perhaps these are legitimately random drops. These few are quickly shot down by others calling for these players to be banned, but at the time of writing the profiles are still active. Interestingly however, some have removed the offending item, others even going so far as to remove all their character's items altogether - suggesting some measure of guilt, or at least hesitance to show off their rather rare and impressive item; if obtained through traditional means that is.

What do you guys think? Six profiles, with the same bit of gear: item doubling, or just a coincidence?