Juiced Stamped and Dated

Juiced Stamped and Dated Juiced Stamped and Dated

THQ announced that Juiced, is anticipated for release in May 2005 on PlayStation 2, the Xbox and on PC.

Juiced received rave reviews earlier in the year, and since taking ownership of the rights, THQ has been working closely with Juice Games on a number of refinements to enhance the game.

According to THQ the delay to the release date which the publisher requested was put to good use and according to Peter Dille, Senior Vice President, worldwide marketing, THQ. With the additional time we've allocated to the title, we're certain that Juiced will excite gamers across the globe even more than originally anticipated. It is good to hear that NFSU 2 had nothing to do with the delay and according to the developer, the extra time was a dream come true.

Every developer dreams of having a few months to polish their creation so that it truly matches the original vision they had for it, stated Colin Bell (founder of Juice Games). That's exactly the opportunity we've been given by THQ. Racing game fans are very discerning, and we're keen to deliver something that far exceeds their expectations.

Along with additional cars and tracks, numerous gameplay and visual enhancements are planned for the May 2005 release.

Expect a playable demo on all three platforms, prior to the launch of the game.