Kali II V2.1 Released!

With the release of V2.1 Kali II now supports over 270 games!
One of the games added with this release is the latest Blizzard Mega-Hit...Diablo II.
All the other new features include:

Added support for: Slave Zero, NHL Championship 2000, Deer Hunter 3, Codename Eagle, BattleZone II, System Shock 2, PGA Championship Golf, Soldier of Fortune(Retail), Nascar Trucks Expansion, Diablo II, Angling the Giant 2, Vampire
*New* Custom Columns. Want to see a version, or longer hostname column for your Internet games? Then add your own.
*New* LAN Games folder. Shows all the games running on your local network. Great for LAN Parties!
*New* Players folder. Set specific colors, sounds, fonts settings for all your friends, enemies, and clan members.
Added server icon support.
Added Memo, Last Connect, and Connect Count columns to the Internet Servers List.
File Transfers are now resumable.
Increased the allowable filename size for File Offers.
Improved filter performance in Internet Games list
Fixed problem where chat users could crash someone's machine with an ill-formed command.
Fixed some problems launching Win32 IPX games like Magic The Gathering, Descent II Win95.
Fixed problem detecting built-in maps for Team Fortress Classic
Fixed problem preventing servers that were removed from a filtered list from being re-displayed when they passed the filter rules again.

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