Keep Fit With XBox

Keep Fit With XBox Keep Fit With XBox

In October, everyone in North America will have access to what Rosemary Ellis, Editorial Director, Prevention Magazine has called "An innovative, customizable fitness program that keeps pace with you like a personal trainer would."

Yourself!Fitness is an innovative combination of existing technology and the current body of knowledge surrounding physical fitness creating a new game genre: Interactive Home Fitness with a Virtual Personal Trainer.

The content is dynamic and fully interactive with a complete fitness analysis, personalized goal setting, customized meal planner, fitness calendar, multiple workout environments, multiple music options, over 200 health and fitness tips from Prevention Magazine, and a responsive trainer. responDESIGN has defined the concept of Fitness Gaming as a system of motivations and rewards built into Yourself!Fitness which helps users achieve their personal health and fitness goals.

The current list of retailers that will carry Yourself!Fitness, the first in a planned family of game titles responDESIGN describes as Games That Are Good For You, include: Nordstrom, Best Buy, Best Buy Canada, Brandsmart, Circuit City, Comp USA, EB Canada, Electronics Boutique, Fry's, Gamecrazy, Gamestop, Hastings, Kmart, Meijer,, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart and Customers will also be able to purchase the game online as well as sign-up for newsletters, promotions and tips from Maya, the Yourself!Fitness personal trainer.

Yourself!Fitness represents an evolution in home fitness moving beyond one-dimensional fitness videos and self-help books as it is truly personalized and fully interactive. It represents a revolution in the gaming industry as it is focused on a long neglected market segment: women. For more information about Yourself!Fitness follow the download tab above.