Kessen III - Details and Images

Kessen III - Details and Images Kessen III - Details and Images Kessen III - Details and Images Kessen III - Details and Images

The first sequel in almost three years, Kessen III marks the highly respected franchise's return to Japanese history and aesthetics.

The Story begins at the heart of Japan's turbulent Sengoku or "warring states" period. Endless chaos and plunder have consumed the once isolated islands. A young teenager, known for his extravagant appearance and unconventional attitude emerges from Central Japan - he is Nobunaga Oda.

While elders admonished him, Nobunaga's contemporaries admired him. Blessed with an indomitable vision and fearless constitution, the soon-to-be legendary Nobunaga will stand against legions of samurai warriors in order to resurrect a land filled with chaos and sorrow.


- A completely new, action -packed gameplay experience with real time combat

- The new Crowd Engine enables all stages of battle to take place in full 3D

- 13 Chapters and over 50 stages of battle

- Devastating Ninja attacks summon incredible beasts of war

- Use Coordinated Attacks to rout the enemy

- Charge the battlefield with various units including a swift cavalry or speedy ninja

- Use a Raid to take on enemy soldiers one by one

- Enter the War Council to plan marching routes, choose officers to take into battle and determine battle policies

- Cultivate officers to improver their combat skills

- Customize your officers with over 450 weapons, helmets, samurai armour and other items that improve an officer's stats

- A deep and compelling story unfolds through over 120 combined minutes of movie sequences

- Non-linear stage selection lets you plan each campaign - a first for the series!

- Majestic battlegrounds with commanding views of Mt. Fuji, and the mighty iron ships at the mouth of the Kizu River

- A stirring musical score from legendary composer Reijiro Koroku

Action and Full Real - Time Control

Unlike any of the previous Kessen games in the series, players will have direct real-time control of troop movements, offensive and defensive manoeuvres.

Each troop belongs to a unit. A unit is comprised of a primary troop and up to two support troops. The player can assume direct control of the primary or support troops at any point in combat.

The marching speed of a unit depends upon the unit type. For example, cavalry and ninja units can travel much faster than normal foot soldiers. The terrain (inclines, marshes, water) can negatively affect a unit's mobility. Conversely a troop's speed will increase on downhill movements.

Strategy: The War Council

Strategy is one of the Kessen series' most popular aspects, and it is an important element in KESSEN III as well.

Players can decide which officers will go into combat, unit objectives, marching routes for each unit and general battle policy. Once a player chooses a battle, Nobunaga will declare a war council. This is where the game's strategic planning takes place. Subordinate officers will explain the current situation and conditions for victory.

While the player has full real-time control of a single unit, the other units will follow the assigned plan. For unexpected circumstances during combat, the player can assign new orders at any time. Gamers, who want to focus on action, can use the "Auto Placement" command which selects and positions combat officers for them.

After the War Council, Nobunaga will declare the start of combat. The stage is won when the player satisfies the conditions for victory. Post-battle, players can review character upgrades, bonuses and points.

The Battlefields

Nobunaga's forces will battle the armies of chaos through more than 50 stages. Here are just some of the environments players will encounter:

Sakai Village

During the Sengoku Period, Sakai Village was governed by merchants and became a key port of trade with foreign ships. In this setting you will see combat along the seaport's narrow streets, lined with merchants houses.

The Battle at the Mouth of Kizu River

The Mouri army used the Bay at the Kizu River, near Osaka, to transport soldiers and food to Ishiyama Honganji, a religious temple in Osaka later destroyed by Nobunaga. In a successful naval blockade at the mouth of the Kizu River, the brilliant Nobunaga used iron clad ships armed with rows of cannons against the Mouri forces.

Clash Mt. Fuji

Kessen III recreates the majestic rolling mountains and valley passes, each which become crucial factors to victory during the skirmishes near the glorious and deeply revered Mt.Fuji

The Story of Nobunaga Oda

Nobunaga began his ascent to power as a daimyo of Owari County and arguably became the most potent and fierce daimyo of the era. Although Nobunaga is commonly portrayed as a villain, he was betrayed by one of his most trusted lieutenants, Mitsuhide Akechi and slain at Honnoji temple (shown during the game's second opening sequence). Kessen III tells the story of the young Nobunaga as an idealist, and how the tides of war and love led him to his fate.

About Kessen III

Kessen III is being developed by KOEI and is produced by Kou Shibusawa, who's previous credits include the legendary Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, Nobunaga Ambition, Winning Post and Crimson Sea.