Leaked FCC Filing Reveals 3DS Wide Screen

Leaked FCC Filing Reveals 3DS Wide Screen

A development kit submitted to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) 3 weeks ago might be the motherboard of Nintendo's upcoming 3DS handheld which promises real 3D display without requiring any special glasses.

The dev kit was submitted to the FCC in order to get the required certificates approving for the system's Wi-Fi module for use in USA.

The development kit featured all the usual Nintendo DS components including a controller, a camera and 2 screens that proved to be the most interesting part of the kit.

As you can see from the included image, the lower screen is not much different from the one available in the Nintendo DS, but the upper screen appears to be a wide screen. Industry speculations have it that the upper screen is the 3D one, while the lower screen is the touch enabled one.

Credits go to WirelessGoodness website for spotting the FCC filing.