Legion Arena Imminent

Legion Arena Imminent Legion Arena Imminent

Slitherine Software has announced the imminent arrival of Legion Arena, their RPSG or Role Playing Strategy Game, which blends core gameplay elements from the RTS & RPG genres. Set in ancient Rome, Legion Arena puts the player in charge of their own army, which they must develop, nurture and train, transforming a bunch of peasants into a fearsome fighting force.

Legion Arena now has a February 2005 release date and a RRP of USD 19.99

Slitherine has been listening to fans and has decided to make further improvements to the game before release with:

- Additional maps to fight over & more scenarios based on these maps.

- Bonus awards for successful completion of missions. These offer enhanced abilities in the next scenario.

- Additional ranking methods. Players will be ranked on a daily, weekly & monthly basis as well as overall scores.

- Support for additional resolutions. Slitherine will support 800x600, 1024x768 & 1280x960.

The deploy screen is being updated from an old 2D view to a 3D view of the battlefield.

- The kudos & loyalty system is being stripped out and replaced. Players were confused by it and a new more logical system is being implemented.

- A whole new campaign path for the Celts, making them a fully playable side.

- Additional units

The game offers extensive customisation possibilities. Players can name their army, individual squads within the army and even choose textures for each unit that control their colour and shield pattern. Players also choose which skills each unit learns as they gain experience.

A daily diary tracking the teams progress with Legion Arena is being maintained at the Slitherine website, link available by following the download tab above.

Legion Arena is a finalist at the IGF that takes place at GDC in March this year and Slitherine are hoping to build on the success of Spartan at last years awards.

To play Legion Arena the player must install the free client. This will allow them to log into the Arena server and register their account. The player will then be able to play Legion Arena for free. There are no subscription fees, no registration fees, so you can play as long as you like for free, unless you choose to access the premium content.

To play Legion Arena you do not need a fast connection, but you must be connected to the Arena server. The server records the results of every battle, how much experience was gained, how many kills inflicted, who won and numerous other stats & also checks that no cheating was going on. These results are stored on the server and used to rank the players army against other players.

Min Spec Pentium 3, Geforce2 and 128MB of RAM.