LG Seeks To Block PlayStation 3 Sales In USA

LG Seeks To Block PlayStation 3 Sales In USA

LG has filed a complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), asking for several Sony products including the PlayStation 3 to be banned on the grounds of patent infringement.

LG's complaint is retaliation to Sony's complaint which was filed on December 28th, claiming that several LG smartphones use technologies that infringe on Sony's patents.

LG's complaint targets Sony's Bravia line of TVs as well as its Blu-ray players. The PlayStation is mentioned in the complaint specifically as one of Sony's Blu-ray players.

The patents LG claim to be infringed upon by Sony's Blu-ray players are concerned with the way data from a Blu-ray disc is reproduced and how multiple data streams are handled. In the complaint, LG asks for the all importing of the infringed devices to be blocked and that all marketing, sale and repairs of the infringing devices to be stopped. LG has also filed civil suits in the California federal court, asking for financial compensation.

The most likely scenario right now is that both companies will negotiate an out of court deal for cross licensing and to withdraw all legal complaints.