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Mad Catz Interactive announced that the LumiCON for the Xbox has shipped to U.S. retail outlets. The second entry in the brand line, the LumiCON lets players really get into their game and experience the full ambiance. Emitting an underglow with lighted action buttons, the LumiCON is the ultimate controller for gaming in the dark! Available for a suggested USD 24.99, the LumiCON comes in a variety of colors including cobalt blue, emerald green, orange and smoke black.

The LumiCON is perfect for gaming in the dark with its unique lighting, advanced performance and extra cool style. Features include comfortably set fully analog joysticks, pressure-sensitive action buttons and two powerful vibration motors with realistic rumble. The powerful macro button allows players to pre-program complicated moves that require a combination of D-pad and action button sequence moves to perform intricate maneuvers. The Macro feature can be programmed on four separate buttons, each with up to 15 individual settings. Comfortable rubberized grips and a durable, braided cable provides enough room to move around. In addition, the LumiCON draws its power from the Xbox gaming system itself so there is no need for batteries.

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