Lionhead working on new MMO RPG for Xbox 720?

Lionhead working on new MMO RPG for Xbox 720?

Lionhead studios, the company that Peter Molyneux founded and recently left to start afresh, looks like it could be making an MMO game for the next generation Xbox – if job postings on Linkedin are to be believed.

Spotted by twitter user Superannuation, the job post offers positions with "Opportunity to work on a MMO like title for next generation consoles. AAA game and budget!" It also details the fact that this is a new IP designed for future generation consoles. Considering Lionhead is a Microsoft owned company, it's not hard to figure out which of the next-gen systems this would be referring to.

The post describes the game as having an "MMO like multiplayer experience" that will affect the outcome of the single player game. It will feature a "complex progression system" and that users will have an affect on the game world itself.

There are several positions available for this project, including a multiplayer level designer, preferably with 4 player co-op experience. The overall team is said to include more than 150 people, suggesting this indeed a big game.

Lionhead has yet to officially announce it, though perhaps some further hints will be seen at E3.