Make your gaming keyboard look like a PSX with this keyset

Custom keycaps have become one of the hallmarks of the artisanal keyboard scene, but you've never been able to dress your pride and joy mechanical up like it was a PlayStation One before, at least until now. The Omnitype Dualshot 2 PlayStation keycaps come in the classic grey of that oh-so-popular retro console, with color accents based on the original PlayStation logo.

The set will come in both standard and international layouts, as well as including Katakana keycaps, letters with accents, macros, and additional keycaps for various keyboard layouts. The eventual price will be $120 though, so it's a big spend for something that is purely aesthetic.

If you're intrigued, you can buy this keycap set on the Omnitype website. The only caveat is that it's a groupbuy, so the listing isn't quite up just yet, and is set to go live around May 7. When it does, it'll be around for a month or so before disappearing forever, so if you want this set, get it while you can.

Each set is made and shipped in stages, as PCGamesN points out, so it may be that you have a little bit of a wait before your set comes through. Considering the quality of other Omntitype keycaps though, they'll be worth the wait.

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