MechWarrior Online Trailer Shows Off Ice City

MechWarrior Online Trailer Shows Off Ice City

A new trailer for Mech Warrior Online has shown off some icy terrain in a blizzard encased city, as well discussing the environment's affect on the mech, and the player's ability to pilot it.

Known as the Frozen City, the location features a snowy landscape, with towering ice cliffs and raging winds and sleet criss crossing the pilot's already obscured field of view. Apparently weather will be random, so often fights out in the open will begin with a clear landscape but will become quickly obscured by flying snow and ice. However, pilot's need not dispair as they can switch to their mech's infrared view, providing a very clinical perspective on the combat.

Grip will also need to be taken into consideration, as players with the larger mechs will struggle to slow down, while the lighter ones become much more maneuverable. However, all can appreciate the weapon cooling effects of the climate, with the colder temperatures of the locale allowing weapons to be fired faster, harder and for longer before reaching their threshold.

With the closed beta currently under way, players can now sign up for public beta access which will be granted some time in the next couple of months. The free to play MMO is set for release towards the end of the year.

To check out the video, head over to the MWO channel here.