Microsoft And Sony Discussing Blu-ray For Xbox 360

Following the demise of the HD-DVD format, a senior Sony executive revealed today that they are currently in negotiations with Microsoft over the possibility of offering a Blu-ray Drive for Xbox 360.

Speaking with the Financial Times, Sony Electronics US president Stan Glasgow stated that they are holding discussions with both Microsoft and Apple.

As most gamers know, Microsoft who packed HD-DVD opted to sell it separately from the Xbox 360 in order to reduce the console's price. Blu-ray players currently retail for at least $400, about the same price of the most expensive Xbox 360 SKU.

Apple on the other hand preferred to focus on Digital Media Download and hasn't offered any High Definition format in any of its products yet.

Reflecting on the format's future, Glasgow expected Blu-ray Players' pricing to fall to $299 by the end of the year and perhaps even to $200 by the end of 2009.

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