Microsoft Bids for Sega

Microsoft Bids for Sega

Microsoft have gotten everyone excited about the lengths they are willing to go to in order to make XBox the most popula console. First they bought Rare, a legendary developer, then rumours started about the possible acquisition of Vivendi's gaming division and now new rumours suggest that they are thinking about acquiring Sega.

In the fight to secure exclusive content for the XBox, Microsoft have demonstrated that they are willing to do almost anything. They have continuously stressed that to them content, especially in its exclusive form, is the most important ingredient for domination in the console wars.
As far as the specific Sega rumour is concerned, there does seem to be some basis for it since a Japanese newspaper, the Daily Yomiuri, reports that Microsoft have informed Sega that they are about to buy a stake in the company. Another strange fact is that representatives of both companies have refused to comment, fuelling further speculation.

It is well known that Sega are open to such bids ever since their announcement in February 2003 that they were considering an offer from pinball machine company, Sammy for an undisclosed sum. Since then the number of suitors has grown with Namco and EA also named as interested parties.
At present the official line from the company, according to Sega of America spokeswoman Gwen Marker, is that right now the only offers that are on the table are from Namco and Sammy. Offers which were discussed in a board meeting in Japan on Tuesday. Have Microsoft managed to sneak in a bid? The reasons why Sega would make an exciting acquisition prospect for MS are obvious, the money to carry out such a move is there and the two companies have enjoyed some form of cooperation since Sega of America's former president, Peter Moore, resigned in January and joined Xbox.

So for the time being the rumours continue to grow, some analysts do claim that a company of the size of Sega would not be easily absorbed by Microsoft and would drain resources until it could become an efficient content developer for XBox.

It might not be Vivendi, heck it might not even be Sega but it is obvious that Microsoft are itching for that big buy, the one that will make XBox become an irresistible item to any gamer and we all know what Bill wants Bill gets.