Microsoft Flight Simulator mod adds Godzilla

Microsoft Flight Simulator mod adds Godzilla

In what will no doubt be just the beginning of silly and intriguing mods for Microsoft's 2020 Flight Simulator game, Godzilla for MSFS is now available and adds the titular monster to the real world flight sim. It's a model only, so don't expect to be swatted from the sky as you fly around it, but it's fully detailed and to scale, so you'll need to pull up a little to meet it at eye level.

Based on the 2014 version of Godzilla from the movie, the king of the monsters can be found in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. If you want specifics, it's at coordinates 37.792394, -122.378850, though we doubt you'll miss it once you get within a few miles of the beast. It's a little hard to miss.

If you're wondering why Godzilla isn't located near its more native Tokyo, it's because currently that city isn't meshed to the same level of detail as San Franciso. Once that happens, the modder plans to move it over. If this mod proves popular, they'll also bring in additional monsters around the world, such as King Kong. Would you prefer him to climb up the Empire State Building as per the original movies, or maybe something taller, like the Burj Khalifa?

Other monsters and locations already being requested by fans include Cthulhu and the Mountains of Madness, complete with the cities of eldritch horror that lie beyond.

What would you like to see added into Flight Sim 2020?

Download the Godzilla mod from Nexus Mods, here.