Microsoft Removes Xbox 360 Game Patching Fees

Microsoft Removes Xbox 360 Game Patching Fees

Microsoft "admitted" that it has dropped Xbox 360 game patching charges for developers since April 2013.

All Xbox 360 developers have to pay a fee for Microsoft to test and certify their games to run on its console. This certification fee covered the release version of the game in addition to an optional single update. If the game required additional patches, its developer is then required to pay "tens of thousands" of dollars in re-certification fees.

This system is designed to encourage developers not to release their games until they are certain of its quality. Nonetheless, several indie developers blamed it for forcing them not to patch minor or rare defects.

With the new policy in place, developers are allowed to patch their games several times "within reason."

Microsoft refused to explain why it didn’t make that decision public until some developers leaked it to the press. The company also didn’t confirm whether the new policy applies to Xbox One as well or not.