Microsoft Surface Tablet Has just 23GB Free Space in 64GB Model

Surface Pro

Despite advertising itself as a 64GB storage model, Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet actually comes with just 23GB of free space, because there's so many bloated apps installed along with the giant Windows 8 operating system. In total, the tablet's OS takes up over 20GB, while the sheer number of apps, recovery partitions, and other junk taking up a further 20GB+, leaving you with not much more than a third of the advertised storage capacity.

This model is due to launch next week, with a price tag of $899. If you want to up your available storage to an advertised 128GB (usable 83GB), then you'll need to spend 100 bucks more. Whichever one you buy though, you'll get the full Windows 8 experience, rather than the traditional Windows RT for tablets, which trims the fat to free up some extra space.

Microsoft has suggested that if buyers want more room, then they should delete the recovery partition and replace it with a bootable backup USB. IE: Pay for more storage yourself.

You can also get Touch and Type keyboard covers should you find typing on a touchscreen difficult. Those will set you back another $120 according to Eurogamer.