Microsoft Taking Up Origami

Microsoft Taking Up Origami Microsoft Taking Up Origami

Microsoft has confirmed that it is involved in the Origami project and claims that the recently "leaked" video, showcasing the new device, is an initial exploration of the possibilities presented.

The video responsible for all the excitement shows a variety of young people exploring the uses of a tablet PC-like device including music editing and playback, connectivity and more interestingly, gaming. At some point in the video a young man is shown playing Halo on the device.

Halo on the go is what origami promises

The size of the origami project device is not exactly what you might call handheld and it is quite a bit bigger than the PSP. Although the video may excite consumers, especially when MS revealed it was already over a year old, Microsoft has been careful to state that it is a concept effort.

Counter-Intelligence services will use it to camouflage agents

It is unlikely that MS will manufacture this device, when it is finally released but the company has promised us much more information on March 2nd 2006, through the Origami Project Website.

Oddly enough Apple was announcing its Intel-based mini-Mac today and many, twisted minds, have suggested that MS may be trying to steal some thunder with the confirmation of its involvement although the company has really said nothing about it. March 2nd is not a long way away so stay with MG for updates.

You can view the full Origami leaked video from Creative Core Media.