Mirror's Edge and Mass Effect Art is Pricey

Mirror's Edge Art

While we've already discussed how much we think games are art, we weren't necessarily thinking the kind you put on your wall. However giant representations of both Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge can now be bought and the big ones cost over a thousand dollars.

Why so much? You might be asking. Apparently it's because these digital art prints, are, "museum-grade Certified Art Giclees™" which essentially means it's a very high DPI inkjet print. Available over at Cook and Beckler, the announcement of these new prints suggests that they are: "meant to present the digitally created concept art in the best possible quality and are aimed at contemporary art collectors and enthusiasts."

These prints will apparently only be available through Cook and Becker and are of a limited quantity.

While these prints are way more expensive than I can afford for a bit of wall art, they do look pretty fantastic. Hopefully someone will grab these pictures and make them available on a canvas for a bit less as I wouldn't mind having one on my wall.

What do you guys think? Would this look good in your house?