Missing : Since January Intrigues and Promises

Missing : Since January Intrigues and Promises Missing : Since January Intrigues and Promises Missing : Since January Intrigues and Promises Missing : Since January Intrigues and Promises

Anyone attending any of the, better known, exhibitions this year would quickly realise that games developers are struggling for original content. With big studios locked into the sense of security provided by well-known franchises and developers not risking genre changes, the market seems to be heading for creativity drought season.

The first attempt to venture onto different pastures, came from a surprising place, the sequel kings at EA. Majestic, launched almost three years ago, promised a different, real-life experience of conspiracy and real clues sent by email or messenger services. Unfortunately the project never made it, mostly due to a lack of planning rather than to a faulty concept.

Six months ago, a French game developer decided to launch a title as intriguing and ambitious as Majestic but with much better planning and with a clear dedication to the project. Missing: Since January, also known as In Memoriam, will challenge you to conduct an investigation in an attempt to track-down a serial killer.
Reality and fiction are blurred in this movie style thriller game, with cryptic clues, demanding challenges and continuous progress as you try to reveal the conditions under which a disappearance has occurred.

Distributed in Europe by Ubisoft and having secured a North American release by the Adventure Co., Missing: Since January, puts you into contact with a demented computer genius. The game requires the player to follow leads and carry out thorough Internet research, some on websites created for the game and some using real-life resources. The story revolves around a fictional TV production company, SKL-Networks. Through the company's website you find out details of the disappearance of SKLs Chief Editor, Jack Lorski and his companion Karen Gijman. The game CD, according to the developer, is a message sent to the TV production company by The Phoenix, the person who claims to have carried out the kidnappings.

The game definitely qualifies for the title of disturbing, and some of the movies, contained within the CD and part of the clues you get on your way to solving the puzzle, will definitely make your skin crawl.

Missing:Since January has evolved since its launch and American Gamers will get a well thought-out and very engaging experience, the choice of launch creates a great challenge for the title since Doom 3 is almost upon us and H-L 2 will not be far away. Missing:Since January, will not have to fight other, more prominent titles, but will have to prove that there is a place in the market for original, well-made games.

If Missing carves its market niche and attains some level of success it may make the difference between a gaming market filled with franchises or a market where producers become more willing to risk their money on something new and promising.

Missing : Since January will retail for USD 20 and will feature an extremely simple registration process, unlike Majestic, all those years ago. For in-game images follow the Screens tab above and for further information select download above.