MLB 2005 Now Available

MLB 2005 Now Available

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced the launch of MLB 2005 from 989 Sports. Now available in stores, the MLB franchise has established itself as a nine-year seasoned veteran for the PlayStation game console and a second-year phenom for the PS 2 computer entertainment system. Featuring an all-new animation system, new game design and graphics, redesigned controls and extensive gameplay options, MLB 2005 aims to provide an enhanced baseball experience.

To enhance the experience and provide gamers with an authentic yet unique simulation, MLB 2005 has integrated new gameplay options in order to make it one of the deepest baseball games ever produced. By incorporating EyeToy and Voice Recognition functionality, both exclusive to MLB 2005 , gamers can literally see and hear themselves in the game. Using the USB headset (for PlayStation 2), Voice Recognition allows gamers to call pitches or defensive shifts without the touch of a button, while the EyeToy USB camera for PlayStation 2 (sold separately) allows gamers to take a snapshot of themselves, put their face into the game and truly become a major leaguer.

Additionally, with the new MLB Online feature, players can go head-to-head in 32-team tournaments, follow scores with live sports tickers, chat on message boards and much more through

The new 60 frames per second baseball engine delivers seamless animations with unbelievable clarity and realism. Furthermore, the all-new animation system boasts more than 3,500 personalized animations, including batting stances, pitching, catching and throwing motions, along with Motion Blending, which ensures the seamless integration of multiple sequences into fluid transitions.

With stadiums scaled to replicate each modern-day ballpark to exact detail, new player models complete with skin tones, facial hair and individual body styles, along with animated base coaches, umpires and crowds, MLB 2005's all-new look continues to set new standards for the category . In addition, the integration of redesigned controls such as the new Pressure Sensitive Pitching and Throwing, and Zone Control Batting has MLB 2005 offering the most authentic baseball experience to date .

Known for its extensive list of game modes, the MLB franchise continues to build upon that success by fea turing 13 different gameplay options. The first simulator of its kind in a videogame, MLB 2005's new SportsCast Manager provides gamers with the ability to track games on a pitch-by-pitch basis, jump into the game and take control of their team, or go head-to-head with a friend in a managerial duel. From player scouting, player deals, television contracts, promo-nights, to the prices of parking, tickets and concessions, a redesigned Franchise Mode puts the success or failure of a club on the decisions of gamers who think they can run the show.

By incorporating the popular Spring Training Mode into the all-new Career Mode, MLB 2005 allows players to start their career in Create A Player, get signed to a contract, prove themselves and negotiate a contract to the bigs. Once a player has gained some experience, they can opt to play as or against the biggest names ever to step on the diamond by means of the new All-Time Greats option. With the likes of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb, Jackie Robinson, Reggie Jackson, or Cy Young, Satchel Paige, Don Drysdale or Catfish Hunter, the baseball experience becomes timeless for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems .

Previous MLB franchise exclusives, Total Control Pitching and Total Control Batting, return, but now with new redesigned controls and features such as new Pitching/Batter Interface Cameras, Mound Visits, redesigned Interactive Hot/Cold Zones and enhanced presentation with the new Three-Man Booth, Progressive Audio and Network Style Telecast.

Gracing the cover of MLB 2005 is the Oakland A's Eric Chavez. One of Major League Baseball's premier third basemen, Chavez joins a line up of Anaheim Angels third baseman, Troy Glaus, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Shawn Green, and Cincinnati Reds outfielder, Adam Dunn, all of whom will be working with 989 Sports as contributors, consultants, and spokespersons to promote the popular baseball title.