Monster Hunter Rise PC launch trailer shows new PC filters, visual effects

Monster Hunter Rise will launch on Steam in just a few days time, and to celebrate that fact, we have a new PC launch trailer from Capcom. In it, we get a glimpse of what the game will look like on PC, and what new features it'll have. They include filters, for unique looks -- like black and white, vignette, and sepia toned; ultrawide support, for massive monitor battles, and 4K resolution support, among others.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest mega hit in the Monster Hunter series, and has been a popular title on the Nintendo Switch for over a year. Now though, like Monster Hunter World, it's coming to PC, and it's bringing with it all of the previously released DLC content, the extra end game monsters, legendary creatures to fight, and some unique PC extras.

The game will look better than ever with 4K support, as well as new high resolution textures, and an uncapped framerate, making the game look and play faster and smoother than ever before -- if you have the graphical power for it.

It's not a super demanding game, only recommending a GTX 1060 for smooth 1080p play. If you want high frame rates at 4K, though, you'll need something more akin to a new-generation RTX 3080 or similar.

Monster Hunter Rise hits Steam on January 12.

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