Napster is dead long live Rapigator?

Rapigator uses the newest advances in filesharing technology to give you the most choices and lets you have more control over your filesharing experience. It comes in a small, 492kb package that will have you up and running in minutes.


-Ability to share and search for any filetype on servers
-Easy to use interface
-Resume Failed Downloads
-Extensive chat support. Including html.
-Complete support for opennap commands
-Intuitive error messages
-Ability to limit bandwidth
-Can search multiple servers at the same time
-Statistical bandwidth graphs
-Connects to all Napster clusters, giving you the maximum searchable database on Napster possible(DOUBLES your Napster searches)
-Allows you to be contacted by anyone on any Napster server(as long as they are all linked at that time)
-Additional Mod+ functions(clear channel, kill, kick, channel voice, channel unvoice, muzzle, unmuzzle, ban, unban, channel ban, channel unban, channel muzzle, channel unmuzzle)
-Auto-updates to the newest server list everytime you run it.

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