Nerdist crew to host E3 Evolve, watch pre-game here

If you're eager for more footage from Turtle Rock's Evolve, then keep an eye on E3, as it's getting a whole host of gameplay thanks to a tournament running every day to see who the best hunters and monsters attending the show are. Each team will be coached by a member of the Nerdist crew, who have shown off their own hunting skills in a new video:

In it we see Chris Hardwick take on the role of the monster, giving the other four a run around and causing more than a smattering of infighting. Unfortunately for him though, Goliath does eventually go down to a sneaky trapper SMG being unloaded in his back.

As good or as terrible as you think they are though, they're the ones who are going to be helping everyone out at E3, with tournaments taking place every day. If you're attending, you can try and take part or watch from a distance, but if you can't make it, you'll also be able to watch the action online via Twitch. Keep an eye on the Evolve and Nerdist channels throughout, especially during the following times:

Tuesday, June 10: 3-4pm
wednesday, June 11: 5-6PM
Thursday, June 12: 4-5pm

Maybe try not to be on Brian's team though. He's a bit haphazard with that orbital barrage.

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