New details revealed about Valve's Artifact card game

Some more details have been released for Valve's upcoming card game, Artifact, which so excited (and to some extent, disappointed) fans at this year's International DotA 2 World Championships. Although we still don't have a firm grasp on what the game will be like as a whole, we can at least paint a picture of what it may be like to play.

Using the concept of lanes from DotA 2 and other MOBAs, Artifact will have three boards that players will battle over. Think a little like Warhammer Invasion. Much like the game it's based on too, players in this one will control five heroes, each with various abilities and skills. They'll be very familiar to anyone who's played DotA 2 in the past.

Each turn they'll be faced with the waves of creeps that are ever present in the main game and will of course, have to deal with the opposing heroes too. Killing creeps and enemy heroes will net you gold which you can then use to buy items and equipment to augment your characters.

One aspect of the game will involve building and laying down improvement cards on certain lanes. In one example given on Reddit, a player continually built barracks on one lane, swamping it with creeps and forcing their opponent to deal with the growing problem of weak enemies, thereby taking their focus off of the other lanes and allowing the spawner to recover.

What do you think of how Artifact sounds now that we know a little more about it?

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