New Study Finds Gamers More Interested In PS3's BluRay Than In Exclusive Titles

A new study conducted by Nielsen has found that exclusive titles is the least important aspect gamers consider when a new console.

After surveying 700 active gamers who didn't own a Playstation 3, but were planning to get one in the next six months, Nielsen researchers found that the console's Blu-Ray capabilities was the most important reason for buying a Playstation 3, with 65% of the participants choosing it. The recent price reduction and the library of currently available games were a close second and third with 63% and 62% of the participants respectively citing them.

62% of the participants were motivated by wanting to upgrade from Playstation 2 to its successor, 56% wanted to be able to connect through the PSN to their friends who already own a Playstation 3, 50% were interested in other online capabilities, 49% were interested in the console's other multimedia capabilities (other than Blu-Ray) and 36% were motivated by offers bundling an HDTV with a Playstation 3.

Exclusive titles were a distant last with only 12% of the participants citing it as a reason to buy the console.

"While many potential PS3 buyers will see GOW III [and other exclusive titles] as an important asset, more often the game will be considered one of many reasons to acquire the console rather than the sole motivator," Nielson concluded.

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