Nintendo is developing a new version of the Switch

Nintendo has a new version of the Switch in the works, according to reports from sources said to be close to the matter. The WallStreetJournal claims that Nintendo has noted a drop off in sales of its flagship home/portable console and is looking to reinvigorate it with a refresh, much like Microsoft and Sony have done with their respective generation of consoles.

A new version, or possibly even several new versions of the Nintendo Switch, should debut at some point in 2019, with some suggesting that they will arrive around the summer. What will such new revisions of the Switch be like, though?

It doesn't seem likely that it will be a revision in a similar manner to the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, which effectively have become the de facto main version of that console since their release. They upped performance and features significantly, making the Xbox One and standard PS4, feel dated in comparison. The new Switch is much more likely to be similar to the way Nintendo updates its portable line of hardware, so more a 3DS XL release than an Xbox One X. A Switch XL, if you will.

One suggestion of what this could result in is a better screen on the Switch itself, using some of the advances in mobile technology to improve its battery life, reduce weight, and increase brightness and contrast. By keeping it the same size and resolution, however, Nintendo could avoid splitting its platform or forcing developers to create two different versions of their games for different versions of the Switch.

What would you like to see on a new iteration of the Switch?

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