Nintendo Direct shows off new ARMS character battle

Nintendo's latest Direct stream showed off a lot about its upcoming motion-controlled beat'em up, ARMS. Along with several gameplay sessions, it highlighted a trio of new characters. Following a leaked reveal earlier this month, this latest Nintendo showing debuted Twintelle, Kid Cobra and Byte & Barq, all of whom are given their time to shine with their own unique weapon and accessory choices.

The Direct also showed off some new arenas, which offers a variety of options for gameplay, whether it's Limos getting in your way, to floating platforms that keep all characters moving quickjlyeven if you're one of the heavier hitting characters.

A few of the classics also make an appearance, with the gamers in this shortened video showcasing as many of the characters and arenas as they can, to give a real look at the game's options.

ARMS is set to launch on June 16 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Alongside ARMS, Nintendo also debuted some new singleplayer gameplay from Splatoon 2, which went over rather well and shows how the game is evolving from its predecessor.

While the hub world where you can buy accessories and upgrade your guns will be familiar to players of the first, the challenges faced in the game's various levels will be greater than ever, with new enemies and arenas to make your way through as you coat the world in your favorite colored paint.

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