Nintendo Offer Ultimate Summer Job

Nintendo Offer Ultimate Summer Job Nintendo Offer Ultimate Summer Job

Continuing the push for console supremacy, Nintendo are offering gamers the Ultimate Summer Job. The new Ninendo employees will receive the handsome sum of USD 100 per day for playing their games and looking happy while doing so.
The main task of everyone seleced will be to be part of the team which will be let loose in the streets of the U.S. Your task, if you choose to proceed, will be to join every concert, fair and shopping center in the US and to convince people how much fun the GameCube and GameBoy really are.

According to Nintendo this is finally a summer job that doesn't suck.

So what do you have to do to join Nintendo's merry men? You have to be over 18 and create a two minute video explaining why you deserve the job. Auditions will be held on the 16th of May and 50 candidates will be selected. I f I've done my math right that means USD $5,000 per day for a lot of publicity, not too bad a move by Nintendo.

According to Nintendo you will be paid to go to concerts, play games with cool people, get tons of swag and impress all your friends. You will also get the unique opportunity to add Nintendo as a former employer on your resume, although it is strongly recommended you do not mention what you actually did for them.

Considering that the old console masters are slowly, but steadily, becoming favorites to win the console war, tis is another shrewd move designed to further twist the knife which is already deep into Microsoft's XBox. Nintendo are clearly demonstrating that they will not be sitting ducks to Microsoft media hype. The Japanese giant also announced recently, that they will be reducing the GameCube's European price, days before its scheduled release, 3rd May, 2002.