Nintendo Schedules 3DS 1st Party Releases Around 3rd Party Ones

Both Wii and DS have suffered from being overly dominated by Nintendo's first party games which drove third party titles away, but it seems that Nintendo is content on not repeating the same mistake with the 3DS.

In a press Q&A session with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, he revealed that the only reason the company didn't announce the release dates of its most anticipated 3DS first party titles is to coordinate with third parties and to make sure that their releases aren't negatively impacted.

"We don't believe Nintendo can do everything by itself," Iwata said. "Of course, we are strongly aware of the fact that Nintendo's titles are obliged to drive the sales of the hardware, but we are not as arrogant as to think that Nintendo can maintain the market on its own."

This move is part of Nintendo's efforts to strengthen the third-party 3DS development community and to "maintain the momentum of the platform continuously."

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