Nintendo Switch Pro spotted on Amazon

A listing for the Nintendo Switch Pro has appeared on the Amazon Mexico website, lending further credence to rumors of the upgraded portable/home console being announced soon. Although Nintendo hasn't made any kind of news about this public, it's long been suspected that a 4K-capable Nintendo Switch, possibly using Nvidia's DLSS, would soon appear, possibly with an end of 2021 release date.

The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo's best ever selling consoles, making it one of the best selling consoles, period. It debuted with its unique hybrid design and control scheme in 2017, but beyond the Switch Lite, it's not had any kind of changes in the four years since. The Switch Pro wouldn't try to compete with the Xbox Series S/X and PS5, but it would update the visuals of the Switch to something more modern, as well as increasing the size of its screen and battery life.

If the rumors are to be believed.

The Amazon listing for the Switch Pro has since been pulled, but as you might expect, it was screengrabbed while it was live. The listing doesn't have a picture, or give any details about the console, but the fact that it was summarily removed — when other unreleased, unconfirmed Nintendo games and hardware haven't — suggests there's some validity to it.

Current rumored specs of the next-gen Switch include a new 7-inch 720P OLED display, an Ampere or even Lovelace-based GPU, and it's slated to begin production in July, hitting store shelves sometime in September.

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