Nintendo Switch ships early, so we get an early look

In typical fashion it seems that Nintendo's retail partners have either gotten the shipping date wrong, or simply decided to give one lucky user a surprise they won't soon forget. NeoGAF user, hiphoptherobot has received their Nintendo Switch two weeks early, which means we all get a sneak preview of what it looks like up close.

In the video posted by the lucky owner, we see the Switch boot up with a little jingle and the owner select a language, at which point the Switch looks to get itself online and connected to a TV.

There's a short tutorial for how to operate the Switch with and without its controllers, and a setup system for up to eight different users - each of which has their own icon and name - there's no immediate sign of the Miis used to identify users on the Wii U.

The home screen for the Wii U has a news menu, which shows you some of the latest game releases. Other options include controller configurations, photo mode, system settings and a power button. There's an option for night mode with a black backdrop, burn in reduction settings, a sleep mode, airplane mode and more.

The Switch menu and whole back end system looks nice. Nintendo has done a solid job there.

For now that's about all the information we have, but more should come out in the next few days as the user explores the system more and we likely see a few other people with early release versions.

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