Nintendo: 'We Need Core Gamers'

Nintendo's long time fans are not impressed with its current strategy which focus heavily on watered down casual games. Nintendo is well aware of that and is promising to "balance" its future portfolio between causal and hardcore titles.

"We all read the blogs -- everyone does,"Denise Kaigler, Nintendo of America's VP of corporate affairs, says. "If you're asking if what we read on the blogs has an absolute impact on our strategy, I guess the simple answer is that our strategy isn't done right at that moment... our strategy is long-term. Our strategy has always been to expand the gaming universe."

However, she says, "We need core gamers. We recognize that and we've always known that, though. We announce games when they're ready to be announced. I'm glad you described the overall tone of the press conference as being balanced, because that's what our strategy is."

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