Nobody can say whether the Star Wars KOTOR remake is dead or not

Nobody can say whether the Star Wars KOTOR remake is dead or not

There’s yet more confusion about the status of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake. It was supposedly "delayed indefinitely" last year, after studio Aspyr Media was taken off the project, but since then, the waters appear to have been muddied about what’s actually going on.

The latest news comes from two as-of-yet unnamed developers at Saber Interactive, who own Aspyr Media. According to them, work is still ongoing on a KOTOR remake. Usually, we wouldn’t put too much stock in rumors, but these rumors come from Jason Schreier, whose nose for news is without equal.

Set thousands of years before the events of the main Star Wars movies, Knights of the Old Republic takes place during the time before the Galactic Empire, while the Republic struggled with the threat of a resurgent Sith Empire. In this time, the Sith had not yet moved to the Rule of Two common in the better known Star Wars movies, and so, rather than a single Master and Apprentice, there are many Sith, with even more apprentices. In practice, that just gives you a lot more lightsaber-wielding enemies to fight, which is a-okay with us.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most fondly remembered RPGs from the era of the original Xbox and classic PC. The game is certainly more than playable, even in modern times, but there are definitely fans who would like a version with updated visuals and gameplay mechanics. After all, it’s the storyline that really makes the KOTOR games worth playing, and, unless a remake went the way of the Final Fantasy VII remakes, that would be preserved. Unfortunately for those people, it looks as if the future of the KOTOR brand is still very uncertain indeed.

Regardless of work being done or not, it’s entirely possible this game will never come out. However, it’s not as if the original KOTOR is difficult to get hold of. It’s currently still playable on the PC, and is also able to be played on many smartphones and tablets as well, so you can still get your Star Wars fix.