nVidia and Square to Bring FFXI to PC

nVidia and Square to Bring FFXI to PC

nVidia Corporation, announced that it is working closely with Square, Japan's leading third-party developer and publisher of home video game console software, on the development of Final Fantasy XI for the Microsoft Windows platform. Square has selected NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti graphics processing units (GPUs) for the development and deployment of the next
installment in the Final Fantasy series, one of the best-selling game franchises of all time. The first PC game developed by Square and the first massively multiplayer online game in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XI delivers crisp 3D graphics and unique visual effects, made possible only by NVIDIA GPUs.

We are proud to announce Final Fantasy XI for Windows today and are pleased
to be aligned with NVIDIA to take the Final Fantasy series to the next level,
said Yoichi Wada, president & CEO of Square. The NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti GPU is the most powerful graphics processor currently available and will provide gamers with the best way to play the game.

Throughout the development of Final Fantasy XI, Square's development team used NVIDIA graphics as the reference hardware of choice for development and quality control testing. The result represents a quantum technological leap in the Final Fantasy series. While the game was developed with a wide range of computer configurations in mind, only those users with NVIDIA hardware, specifically GeForce4 Ti GPUs, can experience unique visual effects and other optimizations exclusive to NVIDIA hardware.

Final Fantasy XI for Windows is a perfect example of what is possible when you combine the talents of the world's foremost experts in role-playing games with the leader in graphics solutions, said Dan Vivoli, vice president of marketing at NVIDIA. The legions of Final Fantasy fans will be undoubtedly awestruck by the visual excellence of the game running on GeForce4 GPUs.

Final Fantasy XI for Windows will be released in Japan on November 7. Retail copies of the game will feature NVIDIA's The Best Way to Play logo, an NVIDIA marketing program in Asia designed to increase consumer awareness to games that take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs to deliver an unmatched gaming experience. Players will also be able to access Square's PlayOnline network service and enter the borderless world of the Final
Fantasy XI gaming community.