Nvidia: ATI's DirectX 11 Head Start Has Little Effect

Nvidia: ATI's DirectX 11 Head Start Has Little Effect

While ATI has a whole range of DirectX 11 capable graphics cards, Nvidia is yet to release its first Fermi chipset which would offer the same capability.

But Nvidia isn't worried about this head start. "To us, being out of sync with the API for a couple of months isn't as important as what we're trying to do in the big scheme of things for the next four or five years. We're just around the corner from preparing our next GeForce and the experience of what you'll see in 3D, what you'll feel in physics, and the improvements you get in graphics will be obvious to the market," Michael Hara, senior vice president of investor relations and communications of NVIDIA explained.

Currently, Dirt 2 and BattleForge are the only games supporting DirectX 11 in the market. About 5 more games are scheduled to launch in Q1 2010 with DirectX 11 support.

"This 60-day lag between these events of when our competition has DX11 and when we're coming to market will absolutely seem insignificant in the big picture," Hara added. "We're almost there. In Q1, the world will get to see what we've done with Fermi."

"We go through revolutionary changes every three of four years, and that's exactly where we're at today. The next big evolution in the API world has come with DirectX 11 (DX11), but we believe that's a part of the experience," Hara concluded.