Nvidia GTX 1660 may launch on March 14

A fresh rumor surrounding the impending release of Nvidia's alleged GTX 1660 graphics card suggests that it could debut in just a few days time, on March 14. The card will reportedly cost $220 and will deliver performance somewhere around the RX 580 level, competing directly with that AMD card and offering greater value than its weaker counterpart, the RX 570 — in theory at least.

Nvidia's GTX 16-series lineup is still far from concrete with the only official announcement Nvidia has made is with the release of the 1660 Ti. While that card was rumored to release weeks before its debut, Nvidia never made any kind of announcement until the card was released. It seems to be doing much the same with the 1660, allowing rumors to build hype all of their own.

VideoCardz is certainly doing its part, showing off details of both the 1660 and the alleged 1650. The former is said to release on March 14 and will feature 1,408 CUDA cores, a base clock of 1,530MHz and a boost clock of 1,785MHz. Those stats aren't far off what the 1660 Ti is capable of, but where it differs is in the memory. It will have GDDR5, rather than 6, and run at just 8Gbps, rather than the 12 Gbps we've seen in the 1660 Ti and RTX 2060. The GTX 1650 will have the same GDDR5, but will reportedly only have 4GB of it. Its price tag is set for $180 and it's expected to debut at the end of April.

All of this comes ahead of AMD's expected Summer reveal of Navi, its next-generation architecture that will likely replace its Polaris RX 500 GPUs with something more robust, but still affordable.

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