Nvidia may have a million next-gen cards ready for gamers

Nobody really knows what's going on with the next-generation of graphics cards from Nvidia, but rumors continue to swirl around an August/September debut, despite claims by CEO Jensen Huang that they were a "long way off." The latest is that Nvidia is hoping to counter any problems with cryptocurrency miners buying up all the GPUs by stockpiling before the launch. The latest number suggests that Nvidia may have a million GPUs standing by, ready for sale.

The report comes from the usually-reliable Digitimes, which claims that graphics card prices are expected to fall a further 20 percent in July as demand from cryptocurrency miners and gamers continues to drop off. That will bring prices back to normality -- or at least, normality two years after a generation's release -- and would make for a good jumping off point for a new generation.

With that in mind, Digitimes claims that sources close to Nvidia are aware of "a million" GPUs that Nvidia has ready for launch, and around "several million" graphics cards across both generations to ensure that anyone who wants a new graphics card for gaming in the next few months, will be able to buy one.

Another big reason for all of this stockpiling and price cuts, is that with a new-generation of GPUs, miners are expected to drop their existing graphics cards in favor of the new-gen cards. That means that a glut of second-hand GPUs could soon be hitting the market, giving gamers very cheap (although abused) GPUs as an alternative to anything new.

In short, the next few months should be good for gamers, after more than a year of price hikes and supply issues.

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