Nvidia might be fulfilling just 7% of RTX 3000 orders

Nvidia might be fulfilling just 7% of RTX 3000 orders

It's no secret that Nvidia has struggled to meet the demand for its RTX 3000-series Ampere graphics cards, though it has claimed it's more of a demand issue, than a supply issue. Apparently. Still, fulfilment of orders could be much lower than was previously thought. New numbers from German retailer, Proshop, suggests that Nvidia has matched just seven percent of RTX 3000 orders. RTX 3090 orders have been a little better, at 10 percent, but 3080 orders are less than 7 percent too.

It's possible that Nvidia has managed to fulfil more orders for retailers in larger territories like the U.S., but it's a stark indication of just how far behind the curve Nvidia is. It begs the question of whether Nvidia really didn't expect to see such high demand for its graphics cards, or whether it was so concerned about AMD's impending RNDA 2 graphics card release that it felt the need to rush its own GPUs out the door before they were really ready.

A new generation of impending consoles had to be a concern too.

WCCFTech reports that yield issues may also be to blame for the low stock, which may mean moving to TSMC's 7nm node.

In either case, supply problems at expected to extend into early 2021 where they are slated to stabilize when Nvidia's post launch orders come in.