Nvidia RTX 2060 is faster than a GTX 1070 Ti for $350

Nvidia has got out in front of AMD at this year's CES and made sure to lay down something exciting lest Navi steal the show. The RTX 2060, Nvidia's first pseudo-mid-range GPU from its Turing generation, will debut with a price tag of $350, but will have performance in excess of a GTX 1070 Ti.

One of the biggest issues that most consumers had with the RTX generation when it debuted was the price. It came in several hundred dollars above the typical costs of new-generation cards and the performance didn't equate to such leaps in cost. The RTX 2060 isn't exactly cheap, but its performance leap for the cost is arguably more impressive.

If you were to buy a last-generation GTX 1070 Ti right now, it would cost you around $440, so a $350 card that performs a little better is quite attractive. Better yet, the new RTX 2060 will support both ray tracing and deep learning super sampling (DLSS). Although it will depend on the game in question and other system hardware, Nvidia did showcase some performance numbers of the 2060 being capable of performance as high as 88 FPS in Battlefield V with ray tracing and DLSS enabled, as per WCCFTech.>

That is at 1080P, and we'd want to see some third-party tests to confirm these results, but it's still a far more capable FPS than many would have expected. The fact that you can get that game or Anthem free with a purchase makes the package even more attractive.

The RTX 2060 will go on sale today, January 7 on Nvidia's website, but will only start shipping out on the 15th. Expect third parties to debut their own versions with custom coolers, clocks, and price tags in the days that follow.

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