Nvidia RTX 3000 cards could launch in August

A new rumor has accelerated the potential launch schedule for Nvidia's next-generation RTX 3000 GPUs, claiming that they won't launch towards the end of the year as originally thought, but as soon as August. If true, this could be an attempt to undercut and pre-empt AMD's impending RDNA 2 graphics card line, which will also make its way into the next-generation consoles.

The report comes from Overclocking.com, via VideoCardz, and claims that Nvidia would launch its Founders Editions of one or two models of RTX 3000 GPU in August, with wider availability of third-party alternatives in September.

Then again, other rumors from ITHome and Igor's Lab, claim that September is a much more likely debut date for the new-gen components. They claim that mass production of the cards will begin in earnest in August, leading to wider availability in September and October.

Whichever way you lean in your belief of these latest rumors, it does suggest that we can expect something new and exciting from the green team in the next couple of months. The question remains, however, how AMD will react. Will it push its own next-gen GPUs forward first, in an attempt to undercut Nvidia (potentially dropping prices after the green team debut as it did with RDNA RX 5000 cards) or wait to see what it has on offer before making its own announcement.

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