Nvidia's GeForce Experience update standardizes post-processing

Post-processing effects are one of the least-system-intensive ways to beautify or change the way your game looks. Whether it's adding adjusting the color palette, deepening the blacks and raising the whites, or cleaning up some of the visuals, they can have a dramatic effect on how a game looks -- especially older titles where deeper modifications are a little harder to implement.

The only difficulty with those sorts of mods is that you have to download one for a specific game and if you find one you like, it's not going to work on another game, requiring more downloads, compatibility problems and updates if you want to keep the effects up to date.

To ease that experience and somewhat standardize the process, Nvidia has updated its GeForce Experience with a new feature: post-processing effects. Its new system, known as Freestyle, allows modifications to be implemented right into the Nvidia software, giving users without the technical know-how, inclination or time, to enjoy the benefits of an overhauled lighting and coloring system that can have such a big impact on how games look.

As PCGamesN points out, Freestyle will let gamers adjust colour balance, depth of field, anti-aliasing, vignette and as many as 15 other filters to give their games a unique and different look than the developers originally intended. Better yet, implementing them will be as simple as any other in-game graphics setting, as Freestyle will implement these effects into the game overlay, so they'll only ever be a single keyboard command away.

There will even be a color blind mode for those who find themselves unable to play certain games because its coloring makes it too difficult to differentiate different aspects of the game's aesthetics.

Freestyle is set to debut on January 9 with support for as many as 100 titles, expanding to a larger number in the near future. All you need do to take advantage is have an Nvidia graphics card and download the latest version of the GeForce Experience.

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