Nvidia's GTX 1080Ti is the best 4K gaming GPU in the world

Nvidia has today launched its brand new GTX 1080Ti graphics card and once again we have a new, world's most powerful single GPU. The 1080 Ti beats both the GTX 1080 by quite a margin (around 30 percent) and more impressively, the GTX Titan X (Pascal), though by much less.

This is no real surprise, as AMD hasn't offered much competition at the top end of the graphics card sphere since the launch of its maligned Fury line back in 2015 - though that could change with Vega in Q2 of this year.

The Ti's release was also expected, because it's essentially a consumer-focused Titan X. It costs several hundred dollars less than the Titan X does, coming in at $700 - but that still means it's far more expensive than almost anyone can afford.

Indeed, you could build a viable gaming PC for less than that.

Even if it's rather expensive though, the GTX 1080Ti is the best 4K gaming card in the world. As many reviewers have pointed out, it's the best single GPU for running games at that resolution and can do so with everything maxed out at Ultra settings, no matter what game you're playing.

Here's some reviews to explain it in more detail:

Ars Technica
Toms Hardware

Are any of you planning on buying a GTX 1080Ti?

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