Nvidia's next-gen MX350 and 330 fall short of GTX 1050

Nvidia's next-generation entry-level graphics aren't bad it turns out, but they still fall far behind the more dedicated GPU options — even those that are a few years old. Early benchmarks for the new MX350 and MX330 GPUs show that although they improve upon last generation chips by 30-50 percent, that still sees them noticeably short of budget GPU options like the GTX 1050.

Although RTX 2000 GPUs are Nvidia's flagship cards at the moment, they won't stay that way forever. Ampere and Nvidia 3000-series GPUs are just around the corner, so as is usual, Nvidia is starting things off with its most budget of budget mobile GPUs, the MX series. The 350 and 330 are the new generation of that — using current generation technology — and they perform reasonably well.

The MX 330 managed a score of 1,190 in 3DMark Time Spy's graphics test at 1440p, according to VideoCardz. The MX350 managed a score of 1,343. This is a big uptick of the MX230 and 250, which score 698 and 1,160 points respectively. But the GTX 1050 managed 1,744, putting it way out in front.

This doesn't invalidate Nvidia's latest budget efforts, as the MX-series has proved a great option for those wanting basic indie game support beyond that offered by Intel's onboard GPUs. The MX330 and 360 are now more capable than popular laptop GPUs from 2015 and 2016 like the GTX 960M.

That may make these two chips a popular choice for gamers that can't afford, or don't need, cutting edge mobile gaming performance in 2020.

Image source: Zhuanlan

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